Architecte de l’imaginaire, Pierre Stiefel dit « Ferdinan» vous invite à un voyage onirique aux portes du monde marin.

Architect of the imagination, Pierre Stiefel, known as “Ferdinan”, invites you to a dreamlike journey to the gates of the marine world.

His creative work takes place exclusively on the beaches and creeks of the Presqu’île de Giens. With the stroke of a paddle on his Stand Up Paddle board, he glides the driftwoods but also and above all the “incivilities”, these synthetic materials abandoned by man, which the surf deposited as offerings after the elements have begun their transformation. And it is above all this manifestation of nature that guides his harvests, inspires his creations and cultivates in him a true art of living in absolute respect with his environment.

Sheltered in his workshop, materials and shapes lead him towards plastic escapes that belong only to him, resulting in astonishing constructions that play the with scales, between the infinitely large and the miniature.  You will understand with jubilation how much this modest collection of marine and vagabond objects serves the ambition of one.

He is a “captain-child” capable alone of reinventing a whole world, a pretext to give us his thoughts on the more down-to-earth world that surrounds us.